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Where do your customers hang out?

Hey everyone, Gareth Carr here from Exposed Wolf, back with another blog. And today I want to ask you, where do your customers hang out?

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hang out

No, I’m not talking about do they hang out down at the local pub, I’m talking about where do they hang out online. You need to identify your target market and the best social media platform to target them on because that’s really going to affect the kind of format of the videos that you put out to them. So for example, TikTok is quite a new one that’s just come up recently, and that is more aimed at the younger market, so, if they’re your target audience hang out there you should really be thinking about putting some small bite-sized videos together on TikTok.

If your prospective clients use Linkedin then you should be posting your videos in a square format. Because we film in landscape and you are posting in a square, then use the top and bottom spaces as prime real estate to put a catchy headline and use the lower portion to add subtitles. Use a bright colour in the spaces so it pops and stands out in the feed. Another trick is to add a progress bar. Everyone is so busy these days and has so much choice to scroll through that if they can see how much of the video is left it may just keep them watching that little bit longer.

With Instagram, you can add videos in portrait mode. This will have more visual impact on the app rather than posting as a small landscape box. You are also limited to 60 seconds unless you upload it to IGTV. We have been producing videos for our clients in Liverpool and Manchester for some time now and have become specialists in identifying the best platforms so you can get maximum return on investment from your videos. And that’s what it’s all about, identify where they hang out, pick that social media platform, and then organise your videos around that. And that’s it for today, I hope that has helped you get more from your video productions?

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