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What is the buyer’s journey?

Hello business owners, entrepreneurs and fellow creatives, Gareth here from Exposed Wolf. Welcome to another blog where I delve into the world of video marketing. Today, I want to talk about The Buyer’s Journey.

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So there are three stages to the buyer’s journey. The Awareness Stage, the Consideration Stage, and the Decision Stage.

the buyers journey

Now, you need to plan your video marketing around these three stages to make sure that you’re capturing people at whatever stage that they may be at on their buyer’s journey.

The Awareness Stage.

So during the awareness stage, your prospect is aware that they’ve got a problem. To put it into terms, imagine they have a headache. They know they need to sort their headache but are unaware of the options. They will start to search for an answer to their problem. At this point, you need to be considering what type of content you will produce that answers their problem. If you sell paracetamol then why is yours different, what’s your experience in dealing with headaches. What are the most frequently asked questions that you get? So, whilst your prospect is doing their searching, hopefully, you’re popping up at that point with regular, valuable, consistent content that helps them along their buyer’s journey.

video search

The Consideration Stage.

Now we have the consideration stage. This is when they’re really starting to put some options together. They have identified that they now need paracetamol to help their headache. They have a number of brands on their list that they are thinking of buying. By this point, they’ve hopefully seen some of your helpful, consistent videos that have been coming through, and you’re already on their list of potential businesses that they’re considering buying from. Not only have your videos helped them to make a decision, but you are also now an authority in the paracetamol world. And it’s not just the videos. You should be transcribing your videos into text and using that as a skeleton to write a blog about dealing with headaches. You should also be posting that video onto youtube and placing it in a playlist that deals with headache treatment remedies.

thinking about video

The Decision Stage.

The final part of the buyer’s journey. The decision stage. This is when they’re actually ready to buy. They have two to three types of paracetamol brands on their list. By this point, you have given them free advice on dealing with headaches. Your videos and blogs feature consistently as they are browsing. They are seeing you now as the authority. You may not be the cheapest but they really want to get rid of this headache. If they go for a cheaper brand then their headache could remain and they’ll end up having to pay double and buy your brand anyway. So they will pick you to cure their problem and make their life easier!

You have helped guide them through the buyer’s journey. You didn’t sell to them. You gave them free advice that helped them to understand the best way to solve their problem. They feel indebted to you. There is a psychological element built into all humans, that if you are given something then you want to give something back in return.

So in conclusion, consider all aspects of the buyer’s journey. Don’t presume that all your audience knows everything about what you do. Break it down and help to solve their problems at all stages.

As always, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.


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