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What is a video strategist?

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Hey, everyone, Gareth here from Exposed Wolf. Today, I want to answer “What is a video strategist?” It is one of the most common questions that I get. I go to a lot of networking events. People say, “What do you?” and I say, “Video strategist,” and suddenly they’re like, “Huh, what’s that?”

So I thought I’d tell you all here today so then if we ever meet networking, you know.

Approximate read time three minutes.

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As more and more people are shooting their own video content on iPhones etc I saw a need to evolve how I do things. So often I see people putting out a couple of videos and then becoming disheartened when they don’t get the traction or engagement that they hoped for. They then give up and put it down as a learning exercise saying video didn’t work for me. What they failed to do was to target the right audience and to speak to them in a way that they would listen to. They just stood next to a white wall or sat in their car and pointed their phone at their face. Who would want to watch that? We have so much content to scroll through why would their prospects stop to listen to a person sat in their car?!

A video strategist is there to guide you through the entire process of your video marketing journey. So we’ll sit down with you. We’ll come up with a strategy about exactly what you’re going to say on camera. We’ll break it all down into bite-size chunks. We’ll then organise a professional shoot, with great sound and lighting. By having a professional video you are already standing out above your competitors.

video strategist

If a real estate agent, for example, can’t be bothered to invest in good looking video with attention-grabbing headlines and visuals then are they really going to put much effort into selling your home?

Once you have all your video content. (We recommend shooting in bulk to give you months of content) Then we’ll take care of all the editing. We’ll add subtitles (to boost engagement), more on that here. We’ll format the videos to best suit the social platform you are posting to. And then, we’ll help you to distribute that across the various social media channels. We’ll tell you the best times to post and how frequently you need to be doing it. Want to try Facebook ads? We can help you with that too!

Video strategy shoot

In conclusion, it’s the full process all the way through! I know it’s a bit daunting trying to come up with content ideas, then how you’re going to shoot it, then how you’re going distribute it. You have enough to do in your business without having to worry about all that. So why not let a video strategist take that stress away. We love shooting content. We make it fun. We’re approachable, we’re friendly, and that’s what it’s all about. We want you to be comfortable on camera. We want you to give value to your clients. We want you to solve their problems. We want your prospects to know, like and trust you. And we’ll help you do it every step of the way.

I hope it wasn’t too salesy, but I just wanted to answer the question for a lot of people who are always asking me.

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