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March 23, 2020
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How to make Covid-19 (Coronavirus) work for your business?

How to make Covid-19 Coronavirus work for your business?

Coronavirus has rocked the world. The economy worldwide is in serious trouble. People are losing jobs and businesses are closing. But, this doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for your own business. With the forced lockdowns in place, this is the perfect time to start strategizing your content plan.

Video has never been more important than right now. You can reach out to customers without physically being in front of them. Perhaps you can build your authority by posting regular, valuable content. Maybe you could make an online training course to sell to clients. Have a lot of staff? This is the time to put together those training and safety videos that you have been talking about.

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Social media is going to be the place to do business now. With more people working from home there will be an exponential increase in online interaction. You need to keep front and centre during this period to ensure that when the world gets back up and running, you are the one that prospects are calling. You are an expert in your field. Prospects have problems that need solving. You and your business can solve those problems. It’s up to you to get on camera and tell those people just how you are going to make their life easier.

Your prospects are using this coronavirus downtime to look for solutions. This is your time to shine. Show clients how busy you are. Release an ebook and build your email list. Drip feed valuable content to them.

Worried about how to make your content safely? Exposed Wolf uses a minimal crew and adheres to strict cleanliness and distancing protocols. We can literally hand you a cleaned lapel microphone and you can stand 2, 5, 20 meters away from the camera if you wish. We recommend shooting all your videos in bulk to ensure you get months of content in one sitting. Perfect to post during these unprecedented times.

Have an event that you may have to cancel? Live streaming could be an option. You still get your speakers on stage and the audience can interact through a number of channels.

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History has shown that businesses that keep pushing forward through these dark times will come out stronger on the other side. In conclusion, nobody knows when this will be over but imagine how good it will feel to know that during the coronavirus outbreak you kept on marketing your business. You have built new connections and now that certainty has returned, your business is the one that people are calling.

Most recently, I have shipped my entire life from the UK back to Australia during the outbreak and I am still putting out content and pushing forward with my business. A lot of jobs have cancelled or postponed but I am communicating with clients to look at alternatives. There are always ways you can push forward and make this work.

Your social presence is more important than ever.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!


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