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How to get more views on Linkedin?

Hey everyone, today I want to give you some simple tips on getting more video views on Linkedin.

Approximate read time three minutes.

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Linkedin, it’s the perfect B2B social platform. You can get in front of the people you need to which in the past would have been really difficult. But, there is a lot of noise on there. So, how do you stand out?

The answer? My first tip is to post at times of day when most of your clients are going be using it. Might sound obvious but the right timing is essential. Post at lunchtime and your potential clients could be scrolling Facebook instead.

Linkedin video

My favorite time to post is either in the morning or in the afternoon. Always around the commuting time so when people are on trains and buses. You are going to get a lot more views on your video rather than when people are already in work. Don’t forget about the all-important subtitles on your video. These are essential to pull in the commuters and also potential clients who may be browsing in work when they should be working! More on this here.

My second tip to get more views on Linkedin, is to interact with everyone. This means anyone who likes and comments on your video. The first hour that you post your video is really important because that’s when LinkedIn is looking at the video to see what sort of engagement it’s getting. So if somebody leaves you a comment, make sure you reply to that comment. Ask questions to get conversations going.

connect on linkedin

If somebody likes your post, go through to their profile and visit them. The next day go back to their profile and ask to connect with them. It’s really important to just have as much engagement as you can in that first hour and that will help to boost your video up the rankings in LinkedIn. It’s called social media after all so be social. It’s as simple as that.

Hopefully, this has helped you out. If you have any tips on getting more Linkedin views then leave me a comment and I may make an updated video about it and I’ll give you a shout out.

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