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March 23, 2020
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March 23, 2020

How the first 5 seconds are the most important seconds of your video?

Five seconds!

That’s all you have to pull your viewer in and grab their attention! There is so much content out there that if you don’t act quickly then your prospects will just keep on scrolling. Think of it like those Youtube adverts that you see. They only have a couple of seconds before you can click the “skip advert” button. It’s the same on social media. If you and your content are not engaging then your prospects are going to skip you and potentially move onto your competitor’s content.

So what can you do to avoid this?

5 seconds video

An Attention-grabbing Headline.

People love getting value. Having a ‘how to’ headline is a very strong start. How to bleach your own hair. How to work out from home. How to write a blog. How to get more clients. Straight away you are pulling people in. Not only this but having these headlines is great for SEO too. Turn your videos into blogs to pull in double the amount of viewers.

engaging headlines

There is a great website called answerthepublic. Here, you can type in keywords related to your business and it will give you a list of common questions that people are typing into search engines. It will give you a whole list of potential content for you to talk about. How, who, where’s. From here you should be able to plan a content strategy that you know people are looking for.

Be Relatable & Engaging.

Smile, be confident and know your stuff. You love what you do so let that show. Be energetic, wave your hands about. Don’t be stiff and boring. If you are dull then your content will be dull. Look into the lens and talk to your viewer directly. Don’t sell to them. Just give them free advice. They will start to see you as an authority and when the time is right for them to buy then you will be at the top of their list.

Give away free PDF’s, Ebooks or even physical books. Psychologically, when a human receives a gift they automatically want to give you something back in return. They will feel an obligation to return the favour when the time is right.

engaging video content

Don’t leave long pauses. Edit them out. You’re not trying for an Oscar. Any long pause is an opportunity for your prospect to lose attention, switch off and move on to something else.

The more videos you do the easier it becomes to keep peoples attention. Platforms like Linkedin will push your content to the connections that interact with you the most. If connections are interacting with you then they are interested in what you have to say. Keep being consistent with your content and don’t lose faith. If you stick to the rules you will continue to grow.

I haIn the past I have been guilty of putting out a couple of my own videos and then when I didn’t see huge results right away I gave up. I have recently changed that mindset and after shooting a heap of content in a bulk session I now pump out videos on a regular, consistent basis. This has lead to receiving leads on autopilot. Even better, older videos are still being watched and I can repurpose them at a later date ensuring that I pull in even more new prospects.

So that’s all I wanted you to think about today, you’ve got five seconds to just hook someone in. So, remember, be confident, be smiley and hook them in with your fantastic personality!

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