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November 21, 2019
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Consistency is king

In today’s world, we are constantly being bombarded with content from all angles. Social media has taken over as the number one advertising arena. Whether it is paid advertising, bloggers, vloggers, images, video you name it, we see thousands of forms of imagery every single day. So how do we make our own content stand out from all that noise?

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The trick is consistency. You need to be posting quality content consistently week in and week out.

We’ve all been guilty of it. You create a couple of blogs or shoot some video, you post it and then when you don’t get the traction you give up and try something else. But what if you stick at it?

The magic number for blogs on your website is 75. That’s right, you need to write 75 blogs before you start seeing real results. Once you reach that magic number the algorithms and engagement will start to skyrocket. Once I found out that number it really gave me the drive to do more because I had a target to aim for. The same goes for video. All your viewers are along different stages of their buyer’s journey. If someone is at the start of their journey then your little video could plant a seed in their mind. Then you keep popping up in their feed and their interest starts to grow. They start to really consider purchasing what you are offering because you are solving something in their life that brings them pain and discomfort. Then you pop up again and oh look, you have an offer on this week. An offer that’s too good an opportunity to pass on. So they hit the buy it now button and voila, a new customer.

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If you treat that customer right then they’ll be so delighted with what you provided that they will tell their friends, family, and colleagues. So now you not only have a customer, you have an ambassador. A prospect could be nearing the end of their journey, ready to buy, they have done their research and are certain of the product they need. Suddenly you pop up in their feed offering free advice. Oh, this person is local to me, they provide what I’m looking for and they have given me free advice with no sales pitch. The next day you show up again and the timing is just right, they have been paid or they have the time to sit down and work with what you provide. Voila, another new customer.

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When you are consistent you gain a fan base. That fan base will interact with you. Comments, likes, and shares will boost your videos up the rankings meaning you’ll get in front of more eyes which will improve your conversions.

The biggest barrier most people face is fear. Fear that their content won’t be helpful, fear that they won’t come across as professional. To be honest, nobody cares. As long as what you are saying is relevant and helpful to your audience then they’ll respect that you have taken the time to give them this information. When I look back on my early videos, they are terrible. But, nobody is really watching you at first, because nobody knows or trusts you. By the time you start gaining traction and engagement, you will be more confident on camera, you’ll have sorted your background and removed that moldy coffee mug and people will think you’ve been this professional all along. For those that follow you from the start then they will see your evolution and in return as fans that have gained value from you, they will buy what you offer.


When I think about sales and marketing I think about my own experience as a customer. I am constantly bookmarking pages and saving video links to various content because although I may not be ready to buy yet, that product or service is on my radar. The timing is different for everyone. But, when I see that person popping up time and again and each time giving me value, then I know that when the time is right to buy, that person will be at the top of my list.

If they did one or two videos and that was it then that content could soon be forgotten especially if a competitor of theirs is popping up offering more value. Most people think shooting video content is a daunting task but they don’t realize that you can actual bulk shoot all your content. I wrote this blog in under 30 minutes and I will take this and turn it into a video. I’ll post the video on various channels and add the text under the video, doubling my SEO! So imagine where you will be if you write 75 blogs and post 75 videos! Having that target is exciting and you should be breaking that number down into manageable goals each week. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is today.

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