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November 6, 2017
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Filming for Thomas Cook at Manchester Pride

This blog comes at a sad time. I have just returned to Manchester after living in Australia for 9 years & Thomas Cook has just announced that it is closing. When I was approached to capture the whole of Manchester Pride was an absolute honour. This was my first major event since returning to Manchester.

I had intended to write this blog earlier but I have been so busy with other events. Thousand have been left jobless not just in Manchester but worldwide. As a result, after spending the whole Pride weekend with the Thomas Cook Marketing Team and Crew I feel like a part of me has gone too.

Manchester Event video

It was such a fun event to shoot, the kind of event that reminds me of why I love doing what I do. Getting amongst it all, being a part of the parade. Working with such a professional yet fun team.

Being an event videographer I have shot a lot of events over the years but this one in Manchester will really stick with me. After returning to Manchester after 10 years it gave me a real boost that I had made the right decision to return home to put down roots.

The film I created for Thomas Cook was praised by the public, the crew and the team. It reached thousands of people on Facebook alone. I wanted to create that sense of pride which is what the weekend was all about. What will this year hold for the event in Thomas Cook’s absence? We shall find out.

Now, when I watch the video back I am still full of pride and I hope the smiling faces in the video will find new happiness in their new roles and their next journey ahead.

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See the full video below:

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