Sculpture by the Sea

One of the world’s largest free public exhibitions, Sculpture by the Sea, wanted to boost their social content and in return attract more visitors to the exhibition.

I sat down with the organisers and suggested the most powerful video formats that would maximize their exhibition’s potential. A timelapse video highlighting the entire event was an ideal way to capture the beautiful sunrises Bondi has to offer. This created a spectacular and visually stimulating backdrop for the sculptures.

I also interviewed several of the artists, crafting engaging insights into the background of their art – giving the viewer a deeper understanding of the exhibition.

Photography was a major part of the brief. Exposed Wolf’s images were used across various marketing platforms to create entertaining content, evoking excitement for the upcoming event and an increase in social media drive. My hero image of Lighthouse by Cave Urban is the main catalogue cover this year and will also be used across national advertising campaigns as well as the cover of the 20th Anniversay book.

The use of a visually stimulating video helped Sculpture by the Sea’s Social Media engagement increase exponentially. The highlights video gained over 50,000 views across its social channels, prompting record attendance numbers to the event.

Due to the success of their video promotions with Exposed Wolf, we continue to work with the exhibition. This year is proudly my 5th exhibition with Sculpture by the Sea, which also includes the Perth exhibition.