Fat Bikes

Fat Bikes Australia came to me needing a way to boost their new product to help generate a successful crowdfunding campaign for the Skillion Electric Fat Bike.

The initial stage was a half-day brainstorm – this involved picking out the key features of the bike setting it apart from the competition. Exposed Wolf conceptualised the strongest way to showcase these elements, creating a story arc around the bikes main users so viewers could relate to this. We hired actors and composed multiple set-ups at various locations during a full day shooting from sunrise to sunset.

The end result was a clear, concise video highlighting the bike’s features, keeping the viewer entertained and engaged throughout. Fat Bikes loved how much we filmed and what we were able to achieve in a single day. Since the main edit was released, they continue to use our services to:

• Create a 30 second edit for social media
• Capture the Fat Bike’s launch night
• Film a promotional day exposing the bikes to the public
• Create a separate edit for the American market