We are passionate about events!

Our method is simple: To capture your event using cinematic techniques and years of experience to create content that will entertain and engage your audience. We understand that when we are on site shooting for you, that we are a representation of your business. We take this very seriously.


We act like we are part of your team, we work with you every step of the way to alleviate any hurdles you may encounter. You can be confident that we will be well presented and will deliver an extremely high-quality product to you.

We strongly believe in building relationships with our clients by always delivering projects on time and within budget.


With an office in Sydney and most recently, Manchester, we work worldwide to capture the best images and video from around the globe. One minute we’ll be in the bustling streets of India and the next, we are on beautiful Bondi Beach capturing a surf comp in front of a another stunning sunrise.

We cater to all events from music festivals, art, historic, ecological you name it. We’ll capture the feel and really take people there.

We manage the process for you.

We know you’re busy. You’ve got clients breathing down your neck. Logistics to plan. You need someone you can rely on. You need the confidence to send a brief and know that the final video will be just what you envisioned. We make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible without you having to worry about greasing us.


We can integrate into your agency, be a part of your team. It’s not uncommon for agencies to set up emails for us so we can be Cc’d into correspondence with your clients. On the other hand, if you prefer for us to be invisible to the client, we can stay in the background. Whatever’s best for you.



Video Producer

The owner and operator of Exposed Wolf. Specialising in event videos. With some of Australia’s largest events in his portfolio Gareth knows his way around any event and with a background in filmmaking, he will craft a story using cinematic techniques to wow your viewers. Gareth’s footage has 10.3 million views on Youtube and with over 10 years’ experience, you can be sure to receive results beyond your wildest expectations.
Laurels awards 2

Multiple video awards for Exposed Wolf

It’s said the best film techniques are those which are not seen. We work hard to create a natural, human feel to our videos to help people engage and respond

The benefits of choosing Exposed Wolf

  1. Video equipment is expensive. The initial capital needed to buy all the right gear can run into the thousands. You need to think about more than just a camera. You need high quality sound and lighting. Remember that these videos are a representation of your business and if your videos look low quality then your business will portray that image too.
  2. You don’t pay for downtime. Any in-house production crew is only valuable when they are actually producing video content. There will be times when salaried employees don’t have any projects to work on.
  3. Access to better equipment. Video Production crews have access to a large range of filmmaking tools. This means more creative visions can be achieved with equipment such as drones, timelapse rigs, gimbals, jibs and dollies.
  4. More creativity. Video Producers are highly creative people. We are happy to help with the creative process if needed and our knowledge of the industry means we know what is achievable.
  5. Stock Footage. We pride ourselves in our back catalogue of stock images and videos across the world. You can save on buying expensive stock videos when we will happily add them to your edit for no extra charge.

We can boast to have worked with some of the best and largest agencies in Australia covering a huge range of various events and locations. It’s our business to take yours seriously. Therefore, we can help create some of the most engaging visual content to impress your client and get it noticed by the masses.

If you’re looking for confidence in choosing a video production team for your shoots then we are always happy to have a chat over the phone or a coffee. We have our Sydney office based in the creative hub of Surry Hills in Sydney and our new office in Manchester. We can guarantee results for your event that will leave a lasting impact.

For further information contact our team directly on